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Cozy and Mindful

This room evokes a warm feeling of well-being, cosiness, and calm that invite deeper understanding. The atmosphere gently urges its visitors to relax, and stimulates attentiveness and focus. Natural vibes abound with hanging plants, shining copper, a cork board, and black velvet.

Room size 15 sq m
Seated 10 pax
Standing 10 pax

Suitable for press conferences (live or hybrid), workshops, trainings, board meetings, or events tailored to your audience.

Get in touch with our event heroes and let’s make it happen!

Our present times bring an added level of uncertainty to planning events. To give you maximum flexibility in case your event must be temporarily cancelled or postponed, you can rebook and reshape your event for up to 12 months from the originally agreed upon date.*

*Cancellation policy: In case of cancellation, the booker is required to pay a percentage of the fee, based on the amount of advance notice given. More than 4 weeks: 0% of the agreed upon fee; 3 to 4 weeks: 25%; 1 to 2 weeks: 50%; less than 1 week: 100%. If an in-person event is booked, but cannot be implemented due to updated COVID regulations, the event can be postponed to a later date up to one year after the original date. Alternatively, the event can be converted into a hybrid or virtual event (a new price offer may be necessary).


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